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RailClone 4.3 release for 3ds Max

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RailClone 4.3 is the new version of iToo Software’s parametric modeling plugin in 3ds Max. The update improves the performance of complex models – RailClone objects now estimate “up to 500%” faster and a “Deformation” tab has also been added, to the “Transform” operator, to override deformation settings for multiple segments.



V-Ray users have received support for the new VRayMultiSubTex and VRayUVWRandomiser cards in V-Ray 5, providing a new way to create texture variations for models.

In addition, a number of new macros are available, including automated tools for creating walls, floors and tiles.

RailClone 4.3 is available for 3ds Max 2013 and later. Feature support is dependent on compatible rendering modules. New licences start at €220 and include support for one year.
There is also a free Lite version of the plugin with a limited set of features. All new RailCLone 4.0 features are available in the Lite version, except for nested generators.


CG news
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