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Keyshot is a powerful way to render photorealistic models (especially single objects). Keyshot render farm will save your computer resources, implement design projects and business ideas. Due to the ability to adjust lighting, the presence of many shaders, and HDRI environments, it becomes possible to create real masterpieces of design art. Any object’s changes are displayed in real-time mode.

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Supported Render Engines

Built-in CPU Render Engine
Built-in GPU Render Engine

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What type of rendering suits you best?

Keyshot is one of the best easy-to-use 3D CAD model renderers. If you need to process an image and get the desired result quickly, Keyshot cloud render is a good solution. The plugin acts as a renderer by linking to 3D content creation software such as SolidWorks or Rhinoceros through the Luxion plugin catalog.

Distinctive Keyshot features:

  1. Combination of elements (using the Material Graph Editor and Geometry Editor, etc.).
  2. Evaluation of the aesthetic and ergonomic properties of the object (it is also possible to create a high-precision technical image, the photo of which is not available).
  3. Assembly of elements.
  4. Range of tools.
  5. Simultaneous adjustment of light and materials.
  6. Placement and lighting of the object (you can add your lights - Edit HDR).
  7. Creation of animation. Combination of materials.
  8. Update models with Live Linking.
  9. Refinement of the image.
  10. Internal rendering mode.
  11. Display of roughness (it is possible to create complex surface reflections).

Who is Keyshot Intended For?

Keyshot can be used by: designers, engineers, students, computer graphics specialists, photographers, marketers, 3D artists. Their common goal is to create images and animations with photographic quality and visual effects from 3D digital data. An important part of success is the preparation of the project before uploading it to the Keyshot online render environment.

Online Rendering Terms of Use 

Our Keyshot rendering online can support versions 8 to 10. Engines supported: CPU and GPU. Each client can choose the rendering priority they want. Test frame or rendering in LQ is free. A flexible system of discounts and minimum prices for Keyshot rendering service will please every client.