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Creative studios around the world rely on Clarisse iFX to deliver a powerful and easy-to-use set of tools.

Basically, a tool delivered from artists to artists, it simplifies the complex workflows for CG professionals, as well as gives them access to wider interaction, speed, precision, and control over data sets with almost limitless billions of polygons.

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Collection of remarkable rendering, lighting, and appearance enhancement tools, Clarisse is constructed with input from current leading CG artists.
The integrated platform has in its core a built-in CPU engine, based on unidirectional path-tracing. Because of this, the application gives users direct interactive control over its environment while working on tremendous, full of polygons, objects, and environments.
It’s another advantage - Clarisse can be seamlessly integrated into any workflow pipeline with minimum time as opposed to giant apps such as Maya.
With this set of tools, both big and small studios around the Globe working with computer graphics today have an intuitive, easy to navigate, and flexible production environment.
Our Render farm fully supports Clarisse and allows to render your scenes in a fast and reliable way.

As opposed to apps such as 3ds Max, Clarisse doesn’t support any third-party render engines such as Octane or Redshift.
Therefore, with Clarisse you are stuck with its built-in render engine. Don’t worry, this is not a bad thing – in comparison to other apps, here built-in engine is quite capable, moreover – it itself can be a reason why CG artist chooses Clarisse over other apps.

As of November 2021, Isotropix has opened early access to Angie – a hybrid render engine, able to utilize both CPU and GPU powers. We highly advise against using it for foreseeable future: use stable builds that are at least 6-12 months old.

Another problem – the hybrid engine may show an increase in render time on your system but you will regret it once you bring your Clarisse scene to a render farm. Why? Any Clarisse Render farm separates CPU and GPU powers: CPU nodes get weak old video cards, while GPU nodes have 3-7 video cards in one system but only 2 CPU processors.

Two CPU processors for 4 video cards is enough if all they have to do is to deliver data to multiple GPUs, that’s how GPU render engines work – CPU is just a courier sending data in their workflow.
Hybrid Engine may also use CPU for calculation, thus it will create a bottleneck CPU that has to both fill roles of a courier and a calculator. It’s enough when you have only 1 video card in your system, but once again – any Clarisse render farm GPU node on the market has at least 3 video cards onboard.

So, if you chose Clarisse - stick with CPU calculation for now for a smooth and 0 trouble experience.