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Terragen render farm is a popular modern technology for the visualization of landscape objects and 3D animation. It is actively used for landscape modeling, height mapping, media space, online game design, and other spheres. With the help of this app it is possible to create landscapes so realistic that they amaze the imagination. The terragen rendering allows you to work both in native TGO or OBJ formats and load objects modeled in third-party software.

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Terragen Render Farm Features

This graphic application will be useful for creating virtual views and landscapes from scratch and modifying those already developed on other resources. Details for the image are generated randomly. Therefore, it is impossible to create two identical landscapes.

Terragen renderfarm can produce photorealistic images for professional use in various fields. You will see its advantages while creating landscapes in this application:

  • the ability to import heightmaps;
  • realistic modeling of the water surface, clouds, and sky;
  • believable animation: ripples on the water, the movement of leaves, clouds, shadows, etc.;
  • a variety of plugins (Firmament, Water Work, SOPack, LensFX, etc.).

Therefore, products created using terragen render engine are suitable for commercial projects: films, cartoons, video clips, games, books, and magazines, as well as advertisements.

Benefits of Using the App

Computer technology allows you to create views and landscapes that are indistinguishable from real photographs. Sometimes the computer model is much brighter and more picturesque, than the real one. In past, it was possible to make such images only if you had a serious budget. Today, small companies and individuals can afford such services.

You don't have to hire a whole team to find a beautiful spot and take pictures, risking bad weather and bad shots. You control the weather and nature yourself.

Pay attention to other advantages of the Terragen cpu rendering:

  • project creation speed. Your task will be calculated on multiple nodes.
  • two types of access: one-time or subscription. It all depends on the type of task.
  • ease of operation. Intuitive interface, 24/7 technical support.
  • minimum risk. Your computer does not overheat or shut down due to a power outage. All downloaded data is stored in the cloud.

This terragen gpu rendering is a powerful solution for creating a realistic environment. It helps to improve the quality of the content and the project, which will definitely affect the growth of the business.