Remote Desktop

Remote PC service (DaaS) – is a convenient way to optimize your workload and boost personal effectiveness by using a fast desktop you can access anywhere and anytime.  


2 x Intel Xeon E5-2680v3

64 GB of RAM

1 TB of free space

Find the plan that fits you best:

24 Hours   Monthly   Monthly   Monthly
17$   40$   60$   190$
Unlimited   8 Hours max

Per 3 Days*

  15 Hours max

Per 3 Days*


* You get 8 or 15 hours limit renewed every 3 days

Save Money

Powerful PC, capable of handling toughs tasks, not only saves thousands of dollars on hardware but also helps to forget about large monthly electricity bills.


Save Time

Powerful servers will finish your tasks up to 20 times faster than average laptop and will not touch its battery charge at all.

Save Data

Whether your laptop is stolen, broken or overwhelmed by viruses – there’s no need to worry about files, they are completely safe on our secured remote servers.

It gets even better!

Whenever you need extra power just send your task to our farm and get the power of up to 60 servers!

Sign up for free and get 15$ on your internal account