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Blender farm is a completely free and open-source software from the well-known studio Blender Foundation. This application is a package for creating three-dimensional computer graphics. It is used for 3D modeling and visualization in various spheres. The wide developer community prefers this software application. ForRender supports all popular versions of the program and offers a variety of Blender render farm engines.

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Supported Releases Blender


Supported Render Engines

Built-in CPU Render Engine
Built-in GPU Render Engine

Supported Plugins

Graswald Pro

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How the Blender Render Farm Works

Rendering involves using a powerful array of servers to figure and render complex 3D models. The installations collected together and integrated into one system need serious maintenance and equipment with additional power and cooling. Such complexes are used to process large graphic arrays. Just imagine, if the Blender rendering farm animation of the famous movie Avatar was carried out only by the efforts of one computer, it would take 4500 years.

Operating Modes

Graphics processing complexes can work in online and offline modes:

  1. Blender online render involves day-to-day activity. The application makes it possible to load and outline the necessary scenes without the operator. It is not possible to predict the rendering time because all processes are fully automated in this mode. Even a simple task can queue for hours to days if you use Blender as an online renderer.
  2. An offline render farm for a blender is started manually by employees of the company it belongs to. Most Russian companies operate in this mode. You can track how much time is left until the end of the project processing. Even more, some companies are ready to provide priority in the queue for a fee.

Who Benefits

Design studios are the main customers of blender cycle render services. The software helps to get the most realistic image of an object that is still under development. For example, a foundation pit has just been dug at a construction site, and the client can already imagine the result of all the future work.

Also, Blender cloud rendering is actively used by companies specializing in creating videos. All their products, such as colorful presentations, commercials, clips, live three-dimensional pictures, need rendering.