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Is It Real or CG? Unveiling the Magic Behind Your Favorite Movie Scenes
Have you ever been completely immersed in a movie, your heart racing as a dragon swoops down from the screen, gasped in awe at the vast scenes of a fantastical alien world, or marveled at the detailing of a piece of your favorite superhero's armor? The magic of your favorite movies isn't just about captivating stories and talented actors; it's about the incredible world of visual
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CGI vs VFX vs SFX — What’s the Difference?
Movies let us see magic, turning make-believe into what looks like real life with clever camera work and tricks that fool our eyes. With new tech, CGI, VFX, and SFX have made what we see on the screen even more amazing. But what are they, and why do they matter? Let’s look at what makes CGI, VFX, and SFX important in today’s movie-making world. Special Effects
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3ds Max 2022.3 released
3ds Max 2022.3 has a filtering system for each window in the viewport, allowing you to select which types of objects are displayed in each viewport, which in turn helps you navigate complex 3D scenes. Users now have the ability to switch the visibility of geometry, shapes, light sources, cameras and assistants, as demonstrated below. In addition, when selecting geometry in the viewport, the "Occlusion" selection
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Boris FX have released the Sapphire 2022
The biggest change in Sapphire 2022 is that Photoshop is now one of the host applications. The new Photoshop addon, available for free for both Adobe / OFX and Avid versions, has the same filters and parameters as other Sapphire plugins, allowing you to share your own effects settings with other host applications. Note that, as with other host integrations, Sapphire for Photoshop has GPU
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Golalem 8.0
The release of Golalem 8.0 has taken place
Golaem was introduced back in 2011, since then the software has been adopted by many key parts of the visual effects industry, having been involved in the work of no less than four separate studios on Game of Thrones. [embed][/embed] The software has been designed to provide a more intuitive workflow than traditional simulation software, so that users can use Maya's own tools to manage crowd
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Arnold 7.0
Arnold 7.0 release
Arnold 7.0, the latest version of the visualisation tool, has received the integration of Open Image Denoise (OIDN), a CPU-based noise reduction infrastructure trained by Intel artificial intelligence. It is provided in parallel with the old Arnold CPU-based noise reduction and Nvidia Optix GPU-based noise reduction. Both OIDN and OptiX noise reduction can use the new Arnold 7.0 Noise_albedo_noisy AOV, which adds mirror reflections and refractions
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ZBrush 2021.7.1
ZBrush 2021.7.1 from Pixologic
In ZBrush 2021.7.1, the new BevelArc brush is now compatible with Sculptris Pro, ZBrush's dynamic tessellation system. Other changes include the ability to use the arrow keys to control IMM brushes and the timeline, and the "Save As" operation now remembers the original file location, independent of any other imported file. [embed][/embed] A bug with 3D layers that could lead to an inability to load a
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Free Marmoset material for Toolbag 4
Toolbag Library Drop 02 is a new set with 135 materials. The update, which includes 28 Smart Materials and 107 standard materials, focuses on realistic fabrics. The previous release, which was in April 2021, added over a hundred materials and textures. Library Drop expands on the redesigned pre-made materials library introduced in Toolbag 4.0, last year's major update to real-time texture rendering and baking software. Preview
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3ds Max 2022.2
3ds Max 2022.2 release
3ds Max 2022.2 has received a number of improvements to the UVY workflow, including the integration of the Unfold3D algorithm into the Unwrap UVW modifier for peeling, packing and relaxing UV areas. Unfold3D algorithms have been used in Maya, a sister application to 3ds Max, since 2014, but the standalone tool on which it is based has not been updated for several years. [gif-player id="2801"] The
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