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G Scatter – a useful free plug-in for Blender

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The G Scatter plugin is currently in beta testing, it allows you to draw vegetation such as grass in a Blender scene and comes with its own set of built-in 3D plant models.

G Scatter gives users the ability to paint scattered objects and customize the results, using control options for properties such as density, scale and rotation.
The plugin itself builds on Blender’s new Geometry Nodes system, which was expanded in this month’s 2.93 release, providing a more user-friendly interface to the toolset.

60ba58bb3be310373a160413_Video 01 G scatter page 02-transcode.gif

G Scatter comes with its own set of plants, including grasses, herbaceous plants and moss. The plugin can also be used with other 3D objects from the Graswald resource library, 78 of which can be downloaded for free via Gtry, a demo version of Blender’s commercial tools with a limited feature set.

60ba41361d8ea3a81a6bafb1_Video 02 G scatter page 01-transcode.gif

60ba590704e4246ea5185281_Video 03 G scatter page 02-transcode.gif

The commercial Graswald and Graswald Pro plugins provide more advanced scatter parameters as well as seasonal and colour variation controls, and in the case of Graswald Pro, wind physics.

G Scatter  is available for free for Blender 2.93 and above. It is currently in beta testing. Grasswald costs $49, Graswald Pro $99 for a personal license or $199 for a team license. There is also an option to purchase the full Graswald 3D Plant library for $79 for individuals or $179 for teams.


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