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3ds Max 2022 presented

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A number of common modeling tools have been updated in 3ds Max 2022, including Smart Extrude and the Relax, Slice, and Symmetry modifiers. Preconfigured maps in Bake-in Texture have also been added.

3ds Max 2022 has been released as part of a broader series of updates to Autodesk Media and Entertainment software, along with Maya 2022 and MotionBuilder 2022.
Smart Extrude has two new drag-and-drop operations for automatically stitching stretched geometry to any part of the mesh it touches and for fully cutting through the mesh.


The Slice modifier got the Radial Slice option. Holes created with slice operation can also be closed automatically.
TheSymmetry modifier got support for multiple symmetry planes in one operation, as well as the operation to duplicate and repeat the geometry around the central point set by Gizmo.
The Relax modifier, used to remove small surface details – for example to clean up raw 3D scan data, gets a new option “Save Volume” to better preserve the original shape.

Other modifiers received performance improvements, such as Extrude performance improved “up to 100 times”, and AutoSmooth has been significantly improved, according to the developer’s assurances.
The 3ds Max to Arnold plugin has been updated, adding support for new features, including new post effects nodes such as the Light Mixer. Security features have also been improved, and the bundled Security Tools plug-in has been renamed “Scene Security Tools” and is now integrated into the Security tab of the Settings dialog box.

3ds Max 2022 is available for Windows 10. The software comes only by subscription, which has risen to $215 per month or $1,700 per year.
The subscription price for indie developers in Russia is 12,905.58 rubles per year.




CG news
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