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3ds Max 2021.3 has been released

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3ds Max 2021.3 has received new tools for converting assets into clean, square-based meshes in the form of the new Autodesk Retopology Tools add-on and new algorithms directly within 3ds Max itself.
Other changes include a new PBR material importerJu support for Bloom in the viewport, updates to the Path Deform and Spline Chamfer modifiers, and a number of changes to fix security vulnerabilities.

Autodesk Retopology Tools is a set of tools that makes it possible to convert mesh into quadrilateral geometry, for example for retopologizing 3D scans or sculpts for animation.
Three retopology algorithms are available, including Autodesk’s own ReForm, as well as the open-source QuadriFlow and Instant Mesh systems, which are described as faster but less accurate.

The new Mesh Cleane modifier eliminates common retopology issues when importing geometry from other DCC applications, including geometry that is not suitable for 3D printers.
It’s worth noting that the Subdivide modifier in 3ds Max also received three new algorithms designed to create better source geometry for retopology.

The update also improved the interactivity of the viewport and the selection of objects on high-resolution monitors. Selection Radius, the tolerance limit for clicking on an object in the viewport to select it, is now automatically mapped to the monitor resolution and can be further adjusted manually.
3ds max 2021.3 also makes several changes aimed at protecting users from malware, thanks to 3ds Max Security Tools, previously a free add-on available from the Autodesk App Store.

3ds Max 2021.3 is available for Windows 7 and later. The software is available for rent only, with a subscription cost of $205 per month or $1,620 per year.


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