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3DCoat 2021 release

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The release of 3DCoat 2021 from Pilgway brings a change in the pricing structure of 3DCoat, introducing new, cheaper options. The first of these is 3DCoatTextura, a new stripped down version of the software designed to texture models created in other DCC applications and available at a more affordable price.

3DCoatTextura and 3DCoat are available via a rental system in which users who rent the software receive a perpetual license once they make a sufficient payment.
Pilgway has also launched a matching online asset library, including PBR material based on scanning. Subscribers receive 120 credits monthly for the ability to download resources.
The release also introduced an ‘unlimited learning mode’ for the trial version of the software, which will continue in a non-commercial ‘unlimited learning mode’ after the trial period expires.



In Training mode it is possible to save projects in 3DCoat’s own .3b format, however saved projects are limited to 20 objects and 10 layers and renderings are watermarked.
It is also possible to export in OBJ format with a limit of 20,000 triangles from Sculpt software or 4,000 from Retopo, Paint and Modeling.


Texture exports are limited to 512×512 pixels or higher resolution with watermarks. Many of the old AppLink plug-ins that provided live links to DCC tools, including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya and ZBrush, are now not available for download on the new website. The only AppLink currently available is for Blender, Pilgway plans to update the other plugins soon.


3DCoat 2021  is available for Windows 7 and above, Ubuntu 20.04 Linux and macOS 10.13 and above.
For individual artists, perpetual licences with node locking cost €379. Subscriptions cost €19.85 per month or €149.85 per year.
Perpetual licences for studios with node locking cost €459. Subscription €34.85 per month or €279 per year.

CG news
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