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Substance painter and 3dsmax+VRay Next UDIM workflow tutorial.

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In this video, we’ll talk about UDIM in Substance Painter and 3dsmax workflow, as well as about rendering the UDIM material in the V-Ray NEXT GPU.

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—Video content—

0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Subtitle Information
0:10 – Tutorial theme
0:17 – Demonstration of the UDIM layers in “Substance Painter” and exporting them to the “3ds Max”
1:35 – Import model into “3ds Max” and adjust lighting by using the “V-Ray Dome Light”
3:14 – Creating a “VRayAlSurfaceMtl” and loading the UDIM textures
7:26 – Forrender Renderfarm
7:36 – InfoPartners
7:39 – The ending
7:56 – Preview of an other lessons and playlist

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound”

Music: ES_Pullin’ Me In (Instrumental Version) – Craig Reever

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Author – Andrew Krivulya Charly

Source – CharlyTutors

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