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Redshift Render Car Paint material in 3ds Max tutorial. Part 2

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The next part about Redshift Car Paint shader in 3ds Max.

In this part, we’ll talk about the density of the “Metalic Flakes” in car paint, about the Clear Coat Reflection settings, and of course, about the interesting methods of adding a bump map to create different types of paint.

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Video content:

0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Message about the subtitles
0:12 – Tutorial theme
0:36 – Setting the manifestation of particles in the “Definition” tab. “Density”, “Decay Distance”, and “Variation” parameters
2:48 – “Scale” and “Reference XYZ Map”
3:14 – “Clear Coat Reflection” Tab
3:20 – How to get matte paint
3:29 – Adjusting the reflection power with “Weight”
3:48 – “Facing Reflectivity” in “Clear Coat Reflection”
3:55 – The “Advanced” tab to optimize the rendering. “Enable Trace Depth Ovverides” option
4:55 – “Cut-Off Ovveride”
5:35 – Bump layer settings
6:26 – Setting up the Cellular map for the bump effect
7:40 – “Disable Base Layer Bump Mapping”
7:53 – “Disable Clear Coat Bump Mapping” and a comparison of the two options.
9:54 – Information about the references for practice.
10:27 – “RS Car Paint” Documentation
11:07 – Forrender Renderfatm
11:17 – InfoPartners
11:21 – Ending
11:38 – Preview of other lessons and playlist.

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