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Quixel Mixer stylized procedure texture. How to create?

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Quixel Mixer tutorial about creation of stylized procedure texture.

In this video you will learn how to create such a texture with which you can get a variety of stylized stones, rocks, and so on + stylized grass with different layers.

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Author – Andrew Krivulya Charly

Source –


Video content:

0:01 – Intro

0:06 – Forrender Renderfarm

0:15 – Info Partners

0:24 – Greeting

0:34 – Demonstration of the work with the parametric texture that we will create

1:20 – Creating a regular Solid Layer in Quixel Mixer

1:50 – Perlin Noise procedure mask

4:47 – Creating parametric rocks or stones

5:09 – Using different masks to adjust the shape. Noise, Position Gradient, Transform and Brightness / Contrast

7:29 – Adding an extra layer of color to rocks / stones

8:05 – Creating a Cavity Layer

9:01 – Ambient Occlusiion for the rocks

9:28 – Demonstration of what we have in final

10:05 – The ending. Video preview of other lessons.

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Enjoy watching!
Best regards, Andrew Krivulya aka Charly.

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound”

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