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Multiverse release | USD 6.7

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Multiverse | USD 6.7 received support for blend shapes in USD format, which in turn allows you to write assemblies that are used by the Maya Blend Shape deformer as blend shapes in USD, with support for multiple targeting, intermediate elements and skeleton animations.
The update also expanded support for working with USD (Universal Scene Description), a 3D scene description file format developed by Pixar.



There is also the ability to record Maya NURBS curves, often used as guide curves for hair work.

Overrides are now automatically saved, making it easier to merge large scenes.

Multiverse | USD 6.7 is available for Maya 2018 and later on Windows, Linux and macOS. There is compatibility with Arnold 5.2 and above, 3Delight 2.0 and above, Redshift 3.0.45 and newer, RenderMan 23.2 and above and V-Ray 4.3 and above.
The software provides USD compatibility with Blender 2.82 and above, 3ds Max 2022, Clarisse iFX 5.0, and Houdini 18.0 and above, and through plugins compatibility is also provided with Katana, Nuke, Unity and Unreal Engine.


J Cube began offering free licences for freelancers and studios wishing to evaluate the software. Software with a free license requires a constant internet connection for activation, receives fewer updates than commercial licenses and has support only through Slack, but is allowed to be used in commercial projects.
Pro license allows to use the software offline and includes full product support. The license is available on a subscription basis, with interactive floating licenses starting at $285 per year and rendering licenses starting at $95 per year.


CG news
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