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ArtStation becomes part of Epic Games

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Together with Epic Games, Artstation will reportedly continue to expand opportunities for authors to showcase their talents and artwork. ArtStation will continue to operate as an independent branded platform, while working closely with the Unreal Engine team. By joining forces, the ArtStation and Unreal Engine teams will be able to empower the creative community with enhanced tools, resources and connections. Starting today, the commission fee will drop from 30% to 12% in ArtStation Marketplace to enable creators to get even more out of the ArtStation platform. ArtStation Learning will also be free for all users until the end of 2021.



Artists will continue to benefit from ArtStation’s unique platform, as today, ArtStation will continue to support authors working across environments and genres, including those who don’t use Unreal Engine.
“We are thrilled that ArtStation is joining Epic as we work to accelerate the development and growth of the author community around the world,” reports Mark Petit – Vice President and CEO of Unreal Engine. “ArtStation’s leadership team has tremendous talent and an unparalleled track record of supporting a vibrant community of authors and ecosystem. We look forward to working with them to give authors access to even more resources and tools, allowing them to do their best work.”


“Over the past seven years we’ve worked hard to give contentmakers the opportunity to showcase their work, take advantage of opportunities and make a living doing what they love,” says Leonard Teo – CEO and co-founder of ArtStation. “As part of Epic, we’ll be able to advance that mission and give something back to the community in ways we couldn’t do alone, while keeping the name and spirit of ArtStation alive.”

“We’re looking forward to a new chapter in the development of ArtStation,” expressed Kevin Strike – COO and co-founder of ArtStation. “ArtStation has grown into one of the biggest creative sites and the internet and has become a popular platform to showcase our industry. As part of Epic, we can accelerate the growth of ArtStation and help the creative community in ways we could only have guessed.”


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